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Practitioners Kim and Katherine Bright use established holistic methods to promote long-term good health.  

We believe in personalized care based on your health and wellbeing concerns.

Consultations are by appointment only.

Consultations are by appointment only, and can usually be conducted by telephone, Skype or distantly if you are unable to visit our clinic.
We typically respond the same day for appointment requests. 
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"On a Friday morning I had a fall in the garden and smashed my face on the tiles. I saw Kim on Saturday afternoon; he saw that my left shoulder, neck and spine were out of alignment from the fall and also pressing on the nerve in my left elbow which made movement very difficult. After one visit during which he gently realigned shoulder, spine and neck, I felt like my fall was a distant memory. My friends who saw me didn't believe I had even had a fall. He is the most amazing healer and I am so thankful that he and Katherine live in Port Macquarie and are able to share their wonderful gifts of healing and positivity with the people in this town"

                  - Sylvia Scott, NSW, Australia

"Thanks Katherine and Kim - you have certainly helped in my amazing recovery!! xox"

                 - Mary Ryan, Bonny Hills, NSW, Australia

"Kim is a highly skilled facilitator of Theta Resonance at All Levels who brings a unique blend of compassion and humour to his work. As a man working in this space, he brings a new perspective and energy to the field but with a gentleness that is incredibly comforting and nurturing. His skill set spans Bowen Therapy, Muscular Synergy, Reiki and even Qi Gong – he really knows his stuff!  I would highly recommend Kim to anyone who is looking for a skilled practitioner of healing work done with integrity and compassion."
                  -  Yolande A, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

“I have been doing courses, getting healings and using the self hypnosis tapes from Katherine and Kim for many years. The courses are always so much fun, the healings have helped me through some tough times and the self hypnosis tapes are something I can use everyday to keep myself happy. I can't recommend them highly enough.”
                    -  Jane Gorton, Queensland, Australia

"Dear Katherine and Kim,
I was just thinking over the past year and how far I have come since moving to Port Macquarie (just over a year ago!)
I want to thank you both and acknowledge the healing and help I have experienced through the gifts and wisdom you both share.
Wishing you both abundance, love and peace in gratitude"
                    - Natalie Hopwood, Port Macquarie, Australia

“Dearest Katherine and Kim,
You two are the most amazing people I have ever had the privilege to meet! Thank you both so very much for the most incredible Sunday – Saturday too- I enjoyed the Saturday morning, not really the afternoon but I feel that probably had to happen for me to be able to move forward again.
I cannot thank you enough for all your wonderful help, support and friendship, I feel I am now well on the way to getting my life back on track, and am looking forward to a long and happy future with my darling Allan and our most precious family…..
Lots of love and light always"
                    - Judy Nash, Hobart, Tasmania


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